Do you struggle with finding time to be creative? Do you struggle to find the money, motivation, or inspiration to even start a room makeover or a new DIY project?

Then I’m glad you found my blog. 🙂

Thrift Diving is a blog that inspires you to decorate, improve their home, and maintain their home themselves, usually without spending much money.

Seriously, turning a house into a comfortable, affordable home is hard. Throw in a couple kids, and a full-time job, and you don’t know how you even made your bed this morning :).

But DIY’ing is rewarding, especially when you can make it look amazing for not a lot of money. Plus, doing some of the work yourself makes you feel powerful and self-sufficient!

My blog is dedicated to helping you transform your home–one piece of furniture… room….at a time.

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Thrift Diving inspires women to decorate, improve, and maintain their home themselves...using paint, power tools, and thrift stores! Use these 5 printables, checklists, and ebooks to get started!

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