This is what Stevi’s sewing room looked like when she joined the 30-Day June Room Challenge:


Stevi's sewing room needs reorganized.


Stevi's Room4


Why did you choose the room/space that you chose? 

I chose my sewing room because I hadn’t sewed in over a year because of the mess! Now it is clean, organized, and I have already started sewing again.



She needs usable space!



Stevi's Room2

What was the biggest “challenge” of this challenge? What stumped you? Also, what was the “easiest” part?

The biggest challenge was parting with hundreds of yards of perfectly good material, but I had no room nor was it even my “style” any more. But as every quilter will tell you, I knew where I bought each piece of my “stash”. My biggest stump was how to sort the fabric. I handled and folded every piece of fabric, no matter how big or small. Previously I always sorted by color, but this time I made up kits like you see in the stores- so inviting and inspiring! The easiest part was taking all the junk , unrelated to sewing, outta there!



Sorting is priority (omg, those baskets--LOVE!)



Stevi's Room3

What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to tackle a room or space?

1. Really take the time to identify how you want to use the space

2. Don’t buy any organizational materials until you purge the space

3. Don’t allow anything in the room that “doesn’t belong” (see #1)


Has this Room Challenge impacted your life for the better? How so?

I walk by my sewing room every day and feel like I finally accomplished something I have been procrastinating about for years. By giving away lots of fabric and books it has freed me to respect my space, encouraged me to be creative again and sew.

Now if only I could do that with the scale!



Stevi's Sewing Room4 -  30 Day June Room Challenge


Stevi's Room1




Great job, Stevi!!!


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