This was Steph’s plan before she got started:

“I need to make over my bedroom! I recently downsized when my landlord decided to sell the condo I was sharing with two friends out from under us. Now I’m in a smaller space, and I’m swamped with stuff.

The first thing anyone says when they see my room is “you have so much… stuff…” It’s true. Part of it is the downsizing, part of it is that when I moved out of the place I used to share with my boyfriend, I put everything that reminded me of my time with him into boxes and didn’t look at it again until this move, part of it is my parents are back in the country for the first time in fifteen years and have been sending childhood stuff from their storage facility home with me every time they see me, and part of it is that I inherited my parent’s “oh, I should save it so I don’t have to buy a new one later” mentality.

I’ve gotten a few things done, but between work and grad school and other life stresses, I’ve just been really lacking in motivation lately. First, I need to get rid of as much as I can (including letting go of some of my massive book collection), then box up the sentimental things I won’t need for a while and put them in storage, hang my art collection, finish installing shelves, and finally make everything look nice.”


Steph's Bedroom 6


Steph's Bedroom 5


Steph's Bedroom 4


Steph's Bedroom 3


Steph's Bedroom 2


Steph's Bedroom 1


It looks fabulous!

Here’s what Steph had to say about the “AFTER”:

“I’m so relieved to finally have the place decluttered.  It’s still not in the “final” stage, but from here on it’s just editing and prettifying!  The vast majority of the work was simply go through boxes and things and either getting rid of them or finding them a permanent home.  All the empty boxes from my move went down to storage to wait for my next move, boxes of stuff went to goodwill or are listed on ebay, travel chotchkies I have had displayed for a while were packed up in my closet until the next time I need decor change, books were organized by size and color, hung shelves that had been sitting around, rearranged side tables, and set up the top of my dresser to function as a mini-desk.  Since I already owned everything, it didn’t cost me much.  I bought the silver t-rex as an “I cleaned” present to myself, and the supplies for the plant shelves in the window, plus I had some new travel photos printed so I can switch out some of the old ones.  Total was about $100.  I still need to finish my gallery wall, but now that there’s space on the floor for me to lay all the frames out, it should be much easier to get it done.

Thanks for the motivation to finally get it all done!  Coming home to a clean room for the first time since I moved six months ago is amazing.”

Steph's Bedroom AFTER 1


Steph's Bedroom AFTER 2


Steph's Bedroom AFTER 3


Steph's Bedroom AFTER 4


Steph's Bedroom AFTER 5


Steph's Bedroom AFTER 6

I love those globes on the shelf, too!

Well done, Steph!!!!

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