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BEFORE & AFTER: Boy’s Blue Accent Wall Bedroom Makeover!

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I’m so happy that I finally completed this boy’s bedroom makeover! My son loves his new blue bedroom with orange accents!

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Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Floral wallpaper removal


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Cozy bedroom using Behr Mosaic Blue, IKEA curtains and bedding, and a copper piping bookshelf | Thrift Diving

I thought people were pulling my leg when they said that it takes years to pull a house together.

“Years?? Come on…you’re kidding, right?”

I thought we’d move into this old 1973 home, being the young, zealous, excited new homeowners that we were, and just….renovate. Yep, remove all that wallpaper…paint this wall and that wall…and really turn this house into a hip, happening home.

Umm……yeah, right!

My latest room makeover epitomizes the idea that it takes years to make a house a home.

Doggonit, if they weren’t right!

Materials & Furnishings For Boys Bedroom Makeover

Below is a list of materials and furnishings that helped me to complete this blue bedroom with orange accents!

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  • Behr Mosaic Blue wall paint
  • Behr Emergency Zone organe paint (this isn’t the one I used, but is a good option for this dark blue room as an accent color)
  • Black spray paint on existing curtain rod
  • DIY copper piping headboard with built-in bookshelf
  • Wagner wallpaper steamer
  • IKEA curtains
  • IKEA rug
  • IKEA bedspread
  • Target lounge chair
  • Mid-Century Modern Dresser
  • Black chalkboard spray paint
  • Chalk paint


Rewind to 2010….

Let’s take a walk through time, shall we??

Out of all the crazy wallpaper in this home, the wallpaper in what would be the baby’s nursery took the grand prize.

BEFORE – Boys Bedroom Makeover

The floral awfulness needed to come down immediately.

Hubby and I ripped it down (when removing wallpaper, this wallpaper steamer on Amazon is a great tool!) and scraped the residue off the walls.


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - The "before" was large floral wallpaper that needed to be removed. | Thrift Diving


We were left with yellow underneath, and piles and piles of a sticky mess!


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Remove wallpaper by with a Wagner wallpaper steamer before painting. | Thrift Diving


I was hugely pregnant with Kojo (baby #3), but that didn’t stop me from painting it a baby blue, and even got my other boys involved.

(OMG, I was so doggone big!!)


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Pregnant mom making over boys bedroom! | Thrift Diving


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Get older siblings to help with painting bedrooms and nursery. | Thrift Diving


The Junk Collector

Despite the fact that the walls were done (and there was a crib in there) Kojo never used that room as a nursery. All that wallpaper removed but we never even really finished the room!

He slept with us until age 2, and then he moved over to the other bedroom with his brothers.

Over time, it just became a room to hold baby junk that we weren’t using anymore!

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Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Turn a nursery into a big boys room. | Thrift Diving


My Oldest Boy Claims the Room!

My sister gave us this mattress and box spring which were perfect for this “blah” of a room. At the very least, I thought we would have a guest room for the non-existent guests we get. 😉

But my oldest boy, when he saw the bed in that room, jumped on it and claimed the room as his.

Plus, when kids get to a certain age, they like their space, right?

But poor Kwabena…The room sat like this for at least a solid year–with baby blue walls that were once so promising, but was now outdated for a tween!

He never even had proper sheets for this bed and even had to use my old ratty floral comforter! Oh, the horror!

Even worse, we still hung up the much-too-short curtains from when he was a baby years ago.

I can’t believe I let my son’s room look like this for so long. Thankfully, he never complained!


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - BEFORE: Boring! AFTER: Cozy bedroom using Behr Mosaic Glue, IKEA curtains and bedding, and a copper piping bookshelf | Thrift Diving


The Tween Boys Bedroom Makeover!!

Let’s take another look at how the room originally looked after we removed the wallpaper.


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Wallpaper removal in kids bedroom. | Thrift Diving

Even trying different configurations with the furniture, it just wasn’t happening. LOL

Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Turning a boring room into a deep blue boys room. | Thrift Diving

The Boring “AFTER” …

Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - BEFORE - See the "AFTER" on the blog! | Thrift Diving

The Tween Bedroom for My Son!


One of my favorite additions to this boys bedroom makeover is the copper piping headboard with a built-in bookcase!

Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Deep blue bedroom using Behr Mosaic Blue, IKEA curtains and bedding, and a copper piping bookshelf. Other walls are painted an off-white gray. | Thrift Diving


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Turn a boys room into a cozy bedroom using Behr Mosaic Glue, IKEA curtains and bedding, and a copper piping bookshelf | Thrift Diving


I can’t begin to tell you how much I love, love, love this boy bedroom makeover!

But the first problem I ran into what: What color am I going to paint the walls?

My Friend Said Blue Is Boring

I envisioned an accent wall with something pretty, like this Behr Mosaic Blue and light gray on the other walls.

My best friend, however, sighed, “Oh, blue is boring? Why don’t you do a kelly green?”

Well, first of all, I had to look up what in the world kelly green looked like….. [insert head scratch here].


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Cozy bedroom using Behr Mosaic Glue, IKEA curtains and bedding, and a copper piping bookshelf - Behr Mosaic Blue

Then I decided to trust my gut (and the comments from you all on Facebook), and I went with Mosaic Blue!

Dark colors scare me, so I was still a little unsure this would look right, but hey–it’s paint. You can always change it if it doesn’t work out, right??

And since this was only using 1 quart for the accent wall, why not give it a try??

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How to paint an accent wall - When painting an accent wall, start with painting along the edges of the room and around the window seal with a quality paint brush. Select a wall that balances the room. | Thrift Diving

When it was done, I knew it was the right choice! It wasn’t a dark boring navy blue.

This blue had life in it!

So I kept going, ignoring my friend’s negativity in my ear.

Mosaic blue accent wall in a boys bedroom.

I love to reuse as much as I can with a room makeover, so I just spray painted the existing curtain rod black.

Then I bought some cheap thin white curtains from IKEA for $10.


DIY TIPS: Don't buy new curtain rods. Spray paint your old curtain rods the color you need. | Thrift Diving

The Copper Piping Headboard!

My son loves to read, but I didn’t have any place in his room to hold his favorite books (dude, he’s read the entire Harry Potter series four times already!!).

Copper piping is much easier to work with than I imagined (although it can be pricey). I can’t wait to do my next project with it!


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Make a DIY copper pipe headboard and add a bookshelf on top. | Thrift Diving

I worried that books would fall on his head, but thankfully, they tend to stay put!

But I was sure to space the pipes exactly wide enough to comfortably hold them without them shifting around.

Plus, it’s anchored to the wall. This thing ain’t goin’ nowhere!

Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Make an awesome copper piping headboard for holding books. | Thrift Diving

The little reading lamp came from IKEA ($10) so he can stay up and read it he likes, which he usually loves to do!

The Desk Area!

When we moved in years ago, we’d found this old desk on the side of the road in our neighborhood. It’s solid wood, a bit ugly, but….well….free…

Who can argue with FREE??

For the life of me, I can’t find the BEFORE picture!

Oh well…..just know that the AFTER looks much different, with a coat of Annie Sloan Paris Gray and some shades of orange accents to compliment the blue walls! I don’t remember what color orange paint I used, but I chose a deep orange since the blue paint was so deep.

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Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Paint an old desk with gray and orange chalk paint, hang a shelf over, and add a chalkboard. All items were repurposed, upcycled, and thrifted! | Thrift Diving

The Little Shelf!

We had gotten rid of this old IKEA dresser from our master bedroom makeover, but I had kept the pine top as scrap wood. It came in handy and I ended up cutting a piece of it and painting it orange to use for a small shelf above the desk with IKEA shelf brackets!


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Reuse old furniture from around the house when making over your kid's or son's room. | Thrift Diving

AFTER – As a bookshelf!


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Create a shelf over the desk using scrap wood and inexpensive shelf brackets. | Thrift Diving
Watch This Project in Action!

If you’re not following along with me on my YouTube channel, please subscribe to stay in touch! 🙂



The chalkboard was thrifted years ago and I sprayed it down with some chalkboard spray paint and painted the edges to match the desk!

The dresser was a $20 mid-century modern dresser was thrifted and I had refinished that some time ago.

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Mid-century modern dresser makeover from the thrift store. Get the tutorial on the blog! | Thrift Diving


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Blue, orange, and gray, with thrifted furniture. | Thrift Diving


The lamp I still need to make over, but the lamp and the shade both came from the thrift store years ago.

The chair was a $5.00 mid-century modern thrifted chair (which I may decide to re-cover or replace. Not sure yet.

The rug is IKEA.

And the big “K” was cut from scrap wood I had with my jigsaw and painted it orange!

But if you don’t have a jigsaw and want to just buy orange letters, you can find large letters on Amazon.

Large orange letters with lights on Amazon. - Thrift Diving

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The Big ‘Ole Maryland Map

I was in luck this week when school ended and my son came home with this big ‘ole map of Maryland, where we live!

I used spray adhesive and mounted it to some scrap wood I had on hand.

Because I didn’t have a frame for it, I just painted a gray and white border around it to help define it!

Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - TIP: Decorate with maps! Use a map of your state to hang in your son's room as wall decor! They learn about geography and it looks pretty cool (not to mention, inexpensive!) | Thrift Diving

The strings of lantern lights and corner chair are from Target! ($5 for a strand on clearance!).

I need to find a better way to position them so they don’t look so spotty and random, but I love the cozy touch they give the room!

The little bench with the stuffed animals is thrifted and was painted some time ago with Annie Sloan Florence.


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Create a cozy boy bedroom by stringing indoor/outdoor lights along the wall. | Thrift Diving

Let’s Talk Budget

This is the part that I always hate.

I’m so bad about keeping track of what I’ve spent. I do try to reuse what I have, but sometimes, you just have to buy things.

The materials for the headboard were sponsored by The Home Depot for the DIY Challenge. Those materials came to about $100.

Paint…comforter…rug…wall anchors…clock…

Jeez, I have no idea. If I had to guess, I would say probably $300 or less.

Maybe after I publish this post I’ll go tally it up. 😉

But considering that I’ll probably not do another room makeover until my son has facial hair….well, this makeover will get a lot of life out of it! LOL


Perfect For My Boy!

It’s funny to look back at this picture of him from years ago, helping to paint what would one day become his own room!


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Get kids involved in helping with room makeovers and painting! | Thrift Diving


Tween Boy Bedroom Makeover - BEFORE picture of the room


This is the room he will grow up in.

I mean, he’s now double digits. Double digits!

Hopefully, this room will be the fond memory he thinks of when he’s a grown man looking back on his life when he was a kid, remembering the cozy bedroom that Mommy created for him.


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - Give kids a cozy place to read and relax with this bedroom makeover and DIY copper piping headboard with bookshelf. | Thrift Diving

Plus, I want to look back on my kids’ younger years and know that I gave them the best I could.

My husband came over into the room as I was finishing it up and asked, “Do you think this was worth all the effort?”

Umm….do you even need to ask??

Of course, it was!

Down to the minute details of washing the ceiling fan blades and repainting them–YES!

Because when I give my best, I’ll never have to question anything I do.


Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - This cozy boys bedroom using Behr Mosaic Blue, IKEA curtains and bedding, and a copper piping bookshelf | Thrift Diving

And in this room–I did my best in the 1 week time period I had!

Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - This cozy boys bedroom using Behr Mosaic Blue, thrifted mid-century modern dresser, thrifted chair, and wall clock from Target. | Thrift Diving



Like this boys bedroom makeover? Save it on Pinterest!

Tween Boys Blue Bedroom Makeover - See how you can create this cozy boys bedroom using Behr Mosaic Blue, IKEA curtains and bedding, and a copper piping bookshelf | Thrift Diving

So what do you think?!

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Even if it’s not perfect, it’s a BIG step up from where we started!

And I hope this blue bedroom with orange accents boys room makeover inspires you to see that you, too, can transform a room with just paint, a few furnishings, and a vision!

And as long as my baby is happy, I am stoked!




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  6. Mother of 3 says:

    That is beautiful! I LOVE blue so I would have told you to go for it.. in fact I think that might be the color blue of my kitchen. Such a lovely space for a tween/teen boy!

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