When Sharon First Started…..here’s what she had to say:

“I come in my side entrance every day — the only time I open my front door is to get the mail! Even guests come in the side entrance. So why is there no place for coats, keys, the things that make coming home homey? Because I haven’t gotten around to it yet. So this January, it’s gonna get done! Coat hooks, a spot for gloves, a calendar — the things that say I’m home!”


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In Sharon’s Own Words

“I’m so happy with the direction the side entry is heading. I realized that this is where everyone comes into my house and wanted to make it welcoming, which I think it now is.
Growing up, I discovered old copies of “Anne of Green Gables” and its companion volumes in my Grandmother’s attic and immersed myself in them. This was WAY before the PBS series, which introduced Anne Shirley to thousands. I’ve always loved Anne’s affinity for ‘kindred spirits’ and wanted to make those that came to my cottage feel that way. I wanted to cover my circuit breaker box with something and the sign I made just lifts off if I need to access the breakers. I was able to incorporate a favorite Green Gables sentiment on the sign I made using my Silhouette machine, DecoArt Chalk Finish Paint, a bulletin board I found at Big Lots (on clearance). Here’s the quote:
“Kindred spirits aren’t so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find there are so many of them in the world.”
Below the sign is my grandmother’s red stool so I have someplace to sit to take off boots. I added a “coat rack” in the form of a board with decorative knobs on it and a glove catcher above it with a chalkboard (now if I could only find my chalk!).
The ugly accordion door to the basement has been “Sharonized” with washi tape, with the wide red with polka dots being a clearance item too.
A favorite wool rug and a lace curtain finish off the room.
Hope you come for a visit soon and stay for a spot of tea!
Washi Tape – 7 wide rolls at $1.49 each, 2 rolls narrow (to fill in the gaps between the wide rolls) at $4.99
Coat Rack board with knobs – $12 (clearance, HomeGoods)
Kindred Spirits sign – 15×30 canvas, JoAnns, ~$5; Bulletin board, $5 Big Lots (supplies were all in my stash)
Glove Catcher/ChalkBoard – $15 Tuesday Morning
Rug & Curtain – in my collection
Total – just over $50!
Sharon's Side Entry AFTER 7


  // ]]>Signature

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