Here’s what Letty had to say:

My kitchen was remodeled in 2007. The room was completely gutted down to studs and floor joists. Now I have 26 cabinets and 13 drawers not counting my kitchen island. What was once a wonderful organized room, is slowly showing signs of wear, grime, and overflowing cabints. Granite counter tops need to be resealed, cabinets need decluttering and degreasing and paint needs to be touched up in some areas. I am ready for the challenge!!!




Cook Books and Kitchen office


Kitchen Desk and Dog food storage


Home Command Center


Counter top with 3 coffee makers




Letty's Kitchen AFTER 8


Letty's Kitchen AFTER 1


Letty's Kitchen AFTER 2


Letty's Kitchen AFTER 3


Letty's Kitchen AFTER 4


Letty's Kitchen AFTER 5


Letty's Kitchen AFTER 6


Letty's Kitchen AFTER 7


Letty's Kitchen AFTER 10


This is such a nice kitchen!! Great job, Letty!

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