What Kim had to say about her laundry room before she got started:

I am going to make over my absolutely awful laundry room with its peeling linoleum floor, walls that have not been painted in 25 years and its flimsy shelves that store such a mess of junk in falling apart baskets that I can’t find anything I need when I need it (think light bulbs, cleaning supplies, arts and craft supplies).


Kim's Laundry


Kim's Laundry


Kim's Laundry


Kim's Laundry


Kim's Laundry


Kim's Laundry




Kim's Laundry Room AFTER 2

What Kim had to say after her laundry room was done:

“We pulled up the ugly, peeling 25 year old linoleum (FINALLY!) and put down porcelain tile.  We tore out the old falling down shelves and took down the over-stuffed, disintegrating storage baskets. We cleaned, spackled and painted the the room (which will be a base coat – I don’t like the color – I was just trying to use our free left-over paint), and put together and hung new wall cabinets and a broom closet.  I have much more room for storage and can actually see what I need quickly. So much cleaner and brighter and I don’t dread going into the room anymore!

Floor $290
Cabinets approximately $380
Paint $0
Thank you for the challenge!

Kim's Laundry Room AFTER 3


Kim's Laundry Room AFTER 4


“Still to come: we are building wood laundry pedestals under which we can store our laundry baskets – this room is so small and narrow this will be a perfect solution to the laundry storage problem – it was a terrific idea suggested by another 30 day challenge participant. I am going to re-paint the walls and paint the trim and hang decorations. I can’t wait to get it finished!

And also add a note for anyone considering building one of these – my husband followed the plans on Ana White’s site exactly, except he left 12 inches in height between the pedestal base to the top instead of the 11 inches in the plan, but you may want to check the height of the laundry baskets you are planning to store underneath and change the height of the pedestal accordingly. Our laundry baskets are too tall to fit, and so are most standard size laundry baskets sold.  I found one at Target that has a height of 10 3/4 inches, so I will be purchasing 3 of these!”

Kim's Laundry Room AFTER 1


Kim's Laundry Room AFTER 5

Another awesome laundry room makeover! 🙂 Great job!! And I’m totally excited that your husband is helping out! 🙂

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