I’m stoked that you’re signing up for the Junk-Free January Challenge! It’s amazing how much joining a challenge like this is like a fire under your bum :).

While you’re here, you might want to check out all the awesome room makeovers that my readers have done while in our previous challenges.

Here are a couple of favorites by readers just like you, just wanting to make their homes more comfortable, pretty, and organized!


Reader, Alex’s Dining Room – BEFORE

Alex's Dining Room 1


Alex’s Dining Room – AFTER!

Alex's Dining Room


Click HERE the rest of Alex’s Room in the 30-Day August Upgrade Challenge!


The 30-Day June Room Challenge was pretty awesome, too! Here’s my favorite room from that challenge! Reader, Nikki, took on her guest bedroom and totally rocked it out into a guest bedroom/crafting room!

Nikki’s Guest Bedroom – BEFORE

Nikki is creating a guest room/craft room.


Nikki’s Guest Bedroom and Craft Room- AFTER!!


1-nikki's craft room4


Click HERE the rest of the readers’ rooms from the 30-Day June Room Challenge!

Don’t these rooms look great? In the Junk-Free January Challenge, we’re going to do awesome things to our homes. It just takes the decision to do and then FOCUS.

What To Do Next

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