7 Tips for Better Chair Makeovers


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Sometimes it’s hard to believe that refinished furniture used to be so….well, UGLY. But when you see it side-by-side like this, there’s no doubt that it’s an improvement!
And I had found 2 of them at the thrift store some time ago for about $12 each. And of course, whenever you find TWO of something at the thrift store, you MUST buy both! (Like how I found those awesome lamp shades a few months ago!)
Seriously, though….making over a little chair like this is one of the easiest, fastest, and most rewarding projects. If you’re new to DIY, I suggest you start with a fun little project like this, and see how creative you can be with it!


Here’s a short video I did explaining 7 easy tips for chair makeovers. While you’re at it, you may want to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for more videos!

 7 Tips for Better Chair Makeovers

TIP #1 When in doubt, paint it white!

Yeah……I know……we can’t all be Martha Stewart when it comes to DIY. Sometimes we’re just not that creative in putting colors together. If you’re in doubt about how to make your chair makeover pop, choose white. Really, you can’t go wrong with white! It’s sooooo uplifting and bright and cheerful, and it makes anything look fresh!

TIP #2 Leave the Roosters For Grandma’s Chair

You can choose any fabric you like. I mean, if you like roosters, that’s okay! LOL That’s part of being creative! But try to choose fabric that is going to compliment the style of the chair. If you’ve got a modern chair, leave the roosters for grandma’s traditional chair. Check out any geometric, whimsical detailing in your chair and maybe find some fabric that plays upon those characteristics. At least it will look like you put some thought into your fabric choices, if not the paint color selection 😉

In my chair below, notice the pattern in the fabric sooooorta matches the shape in the back of the seat? I also painted the inside edges of the lattice a shade of grey in an attempt to do a little 3D effect. Hmmm….not sure if it worked. LOL.

TIP 3: Step AWAY From the Butter Knife!

We’ve all been there–reaching for the butter knife for everything. But when it comes to upholstering, get the right tools: a staple gun, tack hammer, and staple/tack remove. Small chairs like this is all the tools you really need are a staple gun and some scissors. Staple guns aren’t too expensive (maybe $20??). This is your best option for securing the new fabric to the chair.

TIP #4: Use Your Old Stuffing!

You can reuse the old interior materials, especially if it “fits” the old chair perfectly, or if cheaper to do so. But, it might be pretty old and yucky and you might need to replace it. Either way, don’t be afraid to add new layers, especially if you want your new chair to be a bit more more comfy, or if you just need to cover up the old ratty one.

Vintage Chair Makeover 3.jpg

TIP #5  Save the Dirty Pieces

Okay, maybe your chair pieces you’re taking off aren’t dirty. Mine usually are because I’m getting it from the thrift store! But you see what I’m saying. Even as nasty and dirty as I’m sure the old fabric might be and you can’t wait to put a match to it and wash your hands in bleach, you should still hold on to it for a sec and use it as the template for the new cover. You will save yourself a TON of time by cutting it the right size instead of having to measure and make an error! Be sure to account for 5/8″ seam allowances!

Use old fabric as pattern.jpg

TIP #6 Bottom’s Up!

Don’t forget to paint the bottom of the chair! You’re probably thinking, “Um….why??” Well, because, do you reallllly want your painted furniture looking like painted furniture? Wait, don’t answer that. In some instances you do, but you could be pretty embarrassed if someone has to bend on all 4’s, or you happen to turn the chair over when you’re moving furniture and–eeewwww!–“what the heck is that underneath?! Why’s it look so old and crusty?!” Uh…yeah. So, just keep it professional looking and paint the bottom and any areas where you think someone might just peep.


TIP #7 Spray On, Baby

If the chair you’re painting has some intricate detailing, don’t use a brush. You’ll just make a bit of a mess. And that’s sort of what I did with this chair in the lattice pattern on the seat back: paint went on too thick in certain areas and gathered up on the edges. A paint sprayer (or spray paint!) would have alleviated this problem. (FYI, I hate spray paint because of its smell; that smell lingers, too!). Buy a paint sprayer so you can use your choice of latex paints, preferably environmentally friendly brands).


Here’s a look at some of my other chair projects:

Now it’s YOUR turn! Go to the thrift store (or Craig’s List, or hell, even your own dining room!) and get started on an easy chair makeover. They’re a lot of fun, and something that anyone can do!

Have you ever made over a chair? Do you have any tips to add? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Mary says:

    This is so timely! I just purchased a small table and two chairs that need love. The good thing no uphostery needed.
    I was am a little unsure about it all but need to get it done. Thanks for the direction

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